Jersey City residents insist school board members must be elected, not appointed

JERSEY CITY, NJ — Emotions ran high when some passionate Jersey City residents on Wednesday spoke against the city council’s resolution to put a school board proposal on the November ballot.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop wants the public to allow him to appoint the nine members of the school board, instead of continuing to let the voters elect them.

The Mayor said this transition is needed to manage the city’s controversial board of education that saw a number of resignations and embezzlement charges filed against a former board president.

But many residents do not even want the resolution to be put on a referendum at all.

Critics said the proposal was not initiated by the people.

Despite protests, the majority of the City Council members approved the resolution with Fil-Am Councilman Rolando Lavarro abstaining.

The school board referendum will be included in the 2020 presidential elections ballot come November 3.

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