Jersey City officials brace for Trump’s new immigration order

by Don Tagala, ABS-CBN News


JERSEY CITY, NJ — Residents, city officials, and immigrant rights advocates in Jersey City held a  discussion on the President’s immigration policies.

The discussion focused on Trump’s recently blocked roll-out of an executive order on “extreme vetting,” which banned more than 218 million people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.

A federal judge has ruled against Trump’s travel ban, and a federal appeals court unanimously upheld its temporary suspension.

“More and more, every single day, it becomes very clear that the president and the White House are unfit to govern, and [it’s] a very scary place to be,” said civil rights activist Michael Billy. “But it’s helpful for citizens to realize that we need to step up and take part of our democracy…”

In an impromptu press conference at the White House on Thursday, Trump announced that his administration is preparing to roll out a revised version of the travel ban as early as Monday.

“We can tailor the order to that decision and get just about everything, and in some ways more, we’re tailoring it down to the decision,” Trump tells the White House Press Corps. “We have the best lawyers in the country working on it, and the new executive order is being tailored to the decision we got down from the court.”

City council President Rolando Lavarro says the new version should pass constitutional tests.

“We should be wary of making sure that any efforts taken are not violating our value and constitutional rights, here in America” Lavarro said. “We should all be wary, because we already know the President; we know the language and the rhetorics has been there — it’s hateful, and it seeks to be divisive.”

Immigrant advocates believe that that a more lasting solution to America’s broken immigration system and national security concerns — especially with refugees — could be achieved by passing fair and humane, comprehensive immigration reform.

But the biggest question is if an immigration reform bill can even get passed, in a Republican-led Congress and White House.


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