Jackpot: Filipino Canadian wins Manitoba’s biggest lottery prize

A Filipino Canadian family in Manitoba is suddenly $60 million dollars richer as they claim the biggest lottery jackpot prize in the history of the province.

John Chua won the Lotto Max jackpot on Jan. 22, but he did not realize his win until he got an email the next day.

“My mind just went blank,” he said. “We can’t think of anything like this is real. Maybe this won’t be real until we actually contact them, get the check.”

Chua’s mother, Angie, said she was also in disbelief.

“He was pointing to something that I didn’t understand,” she said. “You’re pranking me again.”

Chua, together with his family, claimed his prize at the Winnipeg office of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation on Feb. 2.

As for Chua’s plans for the jackpot, he says he intends to be cautious.

“I just wanna be wise,” he said. “I have kids right now. I’m thinking for the future”

The family shared how at first they couldn’t believe they actually won.


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