Jabbawockeez dedicate special dance move to 'Yolanda' victims

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

LAS VEGAS – America’s Best Dance Crew, now Las Vegas headliner, the Jabbawockeez took time away from their busy schedule to show their support for survivors of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.

“It’s just Jabbawockeez style to just be part of something that helps people around the world,” Jabbawockee Kevin “KB” Brewer, “We are all family oriented individuals so to hear stuff like that go down for the Philippines.”

KB, who is married to a Pinay, says bouncing back from any tragedy is in the genes of Filipinos.

“It’s dope because all of my closest friends my family, they make the world recognized them and see who they are,” KB said. “They just don’t stay to the background. They force their way to the front and they get recognized.”

Jabbawockeez members are predominantly Asian or Filipino-American. After the devastating tsunami and earthquake struck Japan in 2011 they danced for the Japanese, too.

“For us in times like this we just want to give as much as we can especially to the Filipino people that are suffering at the moment,” another Jabbawockeez member said. “We just want to do whatever we can to “wock as one” and contribute whatever we can do.”

The Jabbawockeez say “wockasone” is a special dance move dedicated to all those affected by ‘Yolanda’.

“Our message is stay strong,” a third member of the Jabbawockeez said. “Even though we are not there we are still trying to help and we are still figuring ways to help as much as much we can.”

“We generated a lot of profits and hope that we one hundred percent of the proceeds will go to Typhoon Haiyan,” Noel Casimiro of NAFFAA Nevada said.

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