As funding for federal departments continue to fail, longest government shutdown in U.S. history continues

Rallies held on Thursday highlighted the collective personal frustrations boiling over, as the partial government shutdown made history as the longest ever. Friday marked the shutdown’s 21st day.

Newly-elected Fil-Am California Congressman TJ Cox joined the rally in Washington D.C. in solidarity with the affected federal workers, he asked the house administrative officer to withhold his pay until the shutdown ends.

“I”m marching for the 250 prison workers in Mendota who are putting their lives on the line and their efforts are going uncompensated. I’m marching for the 800,000 federal workers throughout our nation who are being forced to work without pay. They can’t pay rent, they can’t pay their mortgage. They can’t put food on the table. They are asking to survive on grit alone.”

Cox was among the 240 lawmakers who voted on Friday in the House of Representatives to end the shutdown at some federal agencies, including the Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency.

But Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said that he would not bring any House-passed legislation to the Senate floor for a vote — without the border wall funding.

That leaves these frustrated workers with no answer on when they can go back to work or when they will get their next paycheck.

Lawmakers have failed to fund nine departments, or about a quarter of the government — as President Donald Trump continues to demand more than $5 billion to fund his border wall.

“I just wish he would open up government so that we could have a discussion of the best way to protect our borders, secure our borders,” said Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the comment on Friday during a photo-op with fellow Democrats that included Fil-Am Congressman Bobby Scott of Virginia, who also voted on the bill to end the shutdown.

Meanwhile, one bit of good news on Friday — both chambers passed a bill that guarantees back pay to federal workers affected by the shutdown.

The bill now goes to the president’s desk. The vice president delivered the news to Customs and Border Patrol agents who have been showing up to work without pay.

After two weeks of no pay, some workers have applied for loans or have taken second jobs.

Meanwhile, the effects of the shutdown are now impacting more than just the workers and their families.

Miami International Airport announced on Friday that it will close an airport terminal early over the next few days, because unpaid security officers have been calling out.

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  • Mario
    13 January 2019 at 12:00 am - Reply

    Gov’t shutdown started on Dec 21 less 9 days = 13days NO PAY(Sat,Sun Christmas and NYear) Fed employees don’t get paid on weekend and holidays, but quaranteed for a back pay. Trump might lose 800K Govt employees votes but gain Millions of votes from CA,AZ,TX residence who want safety if the border wall is built.Border wall issue started way back 1990 under GBush Sr, then became a campaign issue during Clinton time, then Sen HClinton supported Fencing Act on 2006 under GWBush. Under Obama they created a bill for $8Billion for a total of $ 42 Billion border wall.Then Trump era, on Feb 2018, with the support of 44 Dems a $25B funding for the border wall.Because of hatered by the Democrat on Trump, they will never released $ 5B initial funding for the wall.And Trump is ready to shutdown the Gov’t for a long period,until he got what he want. He want to be the first and only President who deliver a long years of campaign promise ‘Border Wall”.