ISYU RESULTS – March 21, 2014


67% – NO
33% – YES

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  • Josephine Mante
    22 March 2014 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    The Filipinos contributions are overlooked in America because the nature of Filipinos are mostly submissive to authorities. Most probably because of past history in our country under several regimes of Foreign Invasions. It is only in our present generation that we are aware of our Rights as individuals and through Education that we learned how to pursue for those rights through due process in the Justice system. If Filipinos just make strong Unity in pursuing for Justice; we will get our justice for everyone. Unity of all Filipino Organizations can achieve better future for the Human race. Filipinos by nature; do not seek for Individual justice but for the benefit of Everyone………….our “Bayanihan Spirit” which is a great asset for all Human Beings to learn.

    Right now some Filipinos still are afraid to fight for their rights because of some fear to loss their jobs or for the authorities to abuse them even more. These people need to understand that if it is their right no Law is against them if only they will pursue in the proper way.Scare is a strategy use by authorities to diminish your energy to fight;but if you are knowledgeable about your battles, you can challenge it.

    More ways to unite all Filipinos is needed to gain a better future for the Human race.

  • ID
    22 March 2014 at 7:59 pm - Reply

    If you watch, how you want to live in this world ? You take your time on having a family ? Philippines don’t watch how they live, it’s a 3th world country, philippines keep having kids like ants ? That why the country is poor ? You can’t blame the catholic priests for teenage pregnancies, blame the parents for not teaching they kids how to control not to have kids ? Priests don’t sleep with the teenage and hold they hands ? It’s up for the teenage to think what is wrong or what is right ?