Is hope for Filipino WWII vets’ full equity dead?

Is there any hope left for Filipino WWII veterans’ fight for full equity?

Historically, Democratic lawmakers have been the ones pushing and supporting the Filipino Veterans Full Equity Bill, which would provide lifetime monthly pensions for the manongs.

That bill failed to advance in the House and Senate this year because it did not get enough support from lawmakers especially among Republicans.

With Republicans having full control of the new Congress, the advocacy group Justice for Filipino American Veterans or JFAV says it will be next to impossible to get it passed.

JFAV Coordinator Ago Pedalizo said it was already difficult to get support from Democratic lawmakers on FilVet issues.

But Atty. Lou Tancinco, the president of the board of directors at San Francisco-based Veterans Equity Center, said she remains hopeful the veterans’ equity fight can still gain traction with the new Congress.

“I consider the Filipino veterans issue a non-partisan issue. It’s just a matter of having bill reintroduced in Congress,” she said during an interview with Balitang America.

Tancinco also shared good news about one veteran’s struggle to claim his $15,000 lump sum payment. She said the unnamed manong, who name was allegedly not on the roster known as the “Missouri List”, was recently awarded his lump sum payment.

“The message – the appeals are being denied, but I would encourage the veterans to keep fighting and refiling reconsideration. Even if they want to appear before the VA, they can,” she explained.

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  • kikay Pang0
    11 November 2014 at 4:42 pm - Reply

    Its been dead long time ago ….. For fake Fil. Vets, If you need to earn xtra cash send those govt.supplied Velvita cheese in the Phil. and sell it or donate it to those Yolanda victims ….. don’t let it rot inside your closet.

  • Mario
    12 November 2014 at 2:12 am - Reply

    During the first term of Obama, the Democrat controlled both Houses, if they are really sincere,how come they did not passed the Filvet equity bill.Again during the 2nd term election campaign of Obama he promised to help the Filvet. If the Democrat really wanted to help, Obama should have signed an exec order for the FilVet. Now they will blame the new Republican controlled Congress, which will start come January 1.Common sense answer to the FilVet, the Democrat lied on you, they only need your votes.