Iowa Democrats blame long delay in declaring caucus results to faulty mobile app

Like a cliffhanger in a TV series, after numerous debates and the last-minute campaigning, the Democratic party is left with jaws dropped to the floor following the Iowa caucuses – not because of the shocking results, but because there were no results.

As the evening dragged, the Iowa Democratic party finally admitted they couldn’t release any results on Monday night.

They admitted to having problems with a new mobile app they added to the system that led to a delay in the reporting of results.

The Iowa Democratic party clarified the delay was not caused by any sort of hack.

The new tech was supposed to report the results in the 1,700 caucus meetings all across Iowa. It was aimed at making the process faster. It clearly failed to make that impact.

Some caucus organizers ended up having to call in results for the state party to record them manually, and this brought the possibility of more human error.

The Iowa caucuses have always kicked off of the presidential elections, and all the major campaigns look forward to a good showing there to leverage a strong campaign moving forward.

Political pundits have said, the eventual winners of the Iowa caucus have virtually been robbed of the opportunity to build on the momentum of having a victory speech on the ground and thank their Iowa supporters.

Pundits are now saying this is a major embarrassment to the Democratic party — as candidates have to continue campaigning for the New Hampshire caucus set for February 11th.

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  • Mario
    5 February 2020 at 6:46 pm - Reply

    Hillary Clinton in good shape, her campaign group Tech firm ran the IOWA APPS. Podesta is also in charge of the DNC. Do they keep changing rules, last-minute, Bloomberg on the final debate according to new rules? All months of Dems debate are wasted. HClinton already announces she can settle for VP. She is in charge of everything. Bernie is finished, Hillary Clinton will never give him a chance.

  • Tiago Del Mundo
    6 February 2020 at 9:48 am - Reply

    In the 2016 elections, uncle Bernie Sanders got screwed by his own party, the Democrats (Democrazy), just to pave the way for aunt Hillary Clinton. It just happened in Iowa… Uncle Bernie also voted to impeach President Trump, he’s got nobody to support him. President Trump also ordered to plant one trillion trees, the climate change hoax is over…