Iowa caucuses kick off 2020 presidential elections

The Iowa Caucuses on Monday kicked off the 2020 Presidential elections, and by the end of the day, tens of thousands of Democrats would have picked their choice for the right candidate to unseat President Donald Trump.

The famed Iowa caucuses kicked off more than 50 contests that will take place over the next five months, and the Democratic presidential candidates made their final push among voters.

Their battle cry to the divided electorate? They are the best bet to beat Donald Trump in November.

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  • Mario
    4 February 2020 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    The DNC is changing the rules at IOWA caucus, it seems that they do not want BERNIE SANDERS to win, also preparing Bloomberg will get in, money talks. The Republican establishment does not want HUNTER BIDEN to testify, it will destroy JOE BIDEN nomination. The GOP wants Biden to be the nominee, GOP media ally, never talk about Biden corruptions, until he will be the official nominee. But Bloomberg money is exposing BIDEN son, brother, sister, daughter in law, son in law, relatives corruptions during Obama era. The Democrat is now controlled by the AOC, Leftist-Communist SQUAD, Nancy Pelosi went into Impeachmentment it backfires, Trump poll rating soars. HClinton in the best position, control DNC, Podesta and company still make the FINAl decision. HC will settle as VP for Biden, Bloomberg, Sanders (all are old) DNC prefer to rig the nomination will eliminate Sanders. Sanders learned lesson what Trump said “Never deal with the Devil” Sander made the deal, HC throws him out. Therefore, it is possible Sanders will run 3rd Party.