Investigation underway for deadly drive-by shooting in San Francisco

A deadly shooting Saturday night in San Francisco, and a Filipino was shot and injured.

Andy Teodoro was reportedly walking to meet some friends for dinner in the Filmore District, when he was hit in a drive-by shooting. This is according to Mikkel Aragon — also a Filipino and a friend of Teodoro’s.

A relative of Aragon forwarded BA a text message from Mikkel, saying they heard 12 to 15 continuous gun shots. One of their friends said Teodoro called him to tell him he was shot. Then they ran to his exact location.

Aragon said, “It was complete mayhem. There was a dead body close by, and fights were breaking out around us. I laid with Andy as we waited for help, reminding him that everything would be alright.”

One person was killed, and four others besides Teodoro were injured that night. Teodoro is still in the ICU.

The San Francisco Police Department is asking anyone with information on the incident to call the 24-hour tip line (415) 575-4444. Callers may remain anonymous.

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