Int’l media keep close watch on Clinton-Trump match-up

Press members from all over the world tune in to the second presidential debate and weigh in on the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


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  • Mario
    11 October 2016 at 2:49 am - Reply

    The Globalist media are following the US Presidential debate. Hundreds of Millions dollars from foreign donors who supported thru Clinton Foundation, invested so much,and were shocked when polling is tie or in favor for Trump. They knew that Trump has not spend not more than $100M and yet he is leading in some polls. After the debate, according from LA-USC poll Trump is leading by 3 points, this is a liberal State and a liberal poll. Foreign journalist just kept quiet after the debate, they knew Trump won by wide margin, it is because American voters want change and tired of the Obama Administration. Two days before the debate according from Savages, the Bush family torpedoed Trump with sex dirty tape and everybody said Trump is cooked, finished, ready to resign. Dems invited all foreign media to watch how Trump defend himself.When the debate was over,Trump became victorious, Hillary Clinton was totally devastated, it was a disastrous defeat on the Democratic party candidate. To see is to believed watch YOUTUBE: “Second Presidential debate”