International Migrants Day marked with ongoing Trump protest

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News


LOS ANGELES – As the official vote of the electoral college drew closer, thousands hit the streets over the weekend knowing that while a change in the nation’s electoral votes are a long shot, they are still expressing their distrust and dislike for President-elect Donald Trump loud and clear.

“We also recognize as an organization there are some flaws in [the system]. We are hopeful, but at the same time we do draw caution and we want to be aware of what potentially would happen in January, and that may be Trump being in office,” said Eddie Gana Jr., from KmB Pro People Youth.

Thousands hit the streets over the weekend commemorating International Migrants Day, saying that no matter what happens, they will take a stand against Trump’s policies, cabinet appointees, and stances on the many issues the country is facing.

“This is a Filipino issue,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza of the Pilipino Workers Center. “We are going to be affected by the policies that come through this incoming administration. He’s even going to be looking at legal immigration.”

“We’re going to affected in terms of funds that come in for health care, health insurance, for education. We need to make sure that he is not harming our communities. ”

Despite many fears over the Trump administration’s stances on immigration, some undocumented Filipinos bravely joined the protests.

“I’m not afraid, but I’m worried with some other people who are really, really scared at this point in time. So I’m supporting them,” said one undocumented worker named Terry.

Undocumented immigrants here in Los Angeles can breathe a bit easier with the support of the city — as elected officials walking with them vowed that they will protect them.

The protests, which began on election night, are far from over. As Trump’s inauguration draws closer, many more will hit the streets including on Inauguration Day, where many will continue to show their dismay for the incoming president.

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  • Mario
    20 December 2016 at 4:05 am - Reply

    Trump celebrated the official tally of the electoral College votes. The Democrat protestors are still in shocked for losing the election, “We won, time to grow-up guys, stop crying, or go back to your mama”.. HC won 2 Million on popular votes, but Trump said there are 3 Million illegal alien voted. Jeff Sessions, soon to be Trump’s Attorney General will file charges for voters fraud on all illegal alien who voted on the last election and subject for immediate deportation. Hillarys era is over she will be old after 8 years, Michelle is beginning to come out in the news media, soon will run for Senator on 2018, possible target is CA. As Bill Clinton said to Kennedy, ” We elected this N**** President in order to serves as coffee.” Bill you are correct in my opinion it is coming, Obama will issue a Presidential pardon to Hillary before the inauguration.Obama has no choice, he knew the Clinton will blame Obama onced the FBI start the investigation.

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    23 December 2016 at 2:30 pm - Reply

    The only people citing flaws of the system are those who are here illegally or those who want to promote or support illegal immigrants…It does not get any dumber in the FilAms community…If there is anyone who should be insulted, it should be the legal migrants…

  • h
    25 December 2016 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    Merry Christmas, to you illegal Filipinos because we will throw all of you out of America as soon Donald Trump become our president. So stop the protests about Donald Trump, so shut your big mouth.This is our country not your country. In the first why you all protest for you wasn’t born here in America.