International Human Rights Day raises ongoing issues of police brutality, racism, immigrant rights

LOS ANGELES — Filipino American activists joined hundred at both the downtown and Westwood federal buildings in Los Angeles in honor of International Human Rights Day.

“We’re upholding the right to peace a genuine peace that’s based on justice and peace is not defined as just the absence of conflict, but its defined on the upholding of human rights,” said Janelle Viray of Gabriela Los Angeles.

Activists in downtown LA raised several on-going global issues.

They say from police brutality, racism, and immigrant rights — many of these problems have become a setback on the human rights movement.

“There’s always been these human rights violations but I think there’s definitely been a sense that these fascists are embolden by the mere fact that people like Donald Trump are in power,” said Bev Tang, International League of Peoples Struggle.

Filipinos highlighted several ongoing Philippines issues, including president Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial war on drugs and the recently dismissed peace talks between the government and separatist groups.

“It’s been pretty clear that Duterte has completed turned his back on the people and instead has pointed the gun on people themselves that have been trying to provide services, serving the poor,” said Nikole Cababa, Bayan USA.

As this group of about 60 held their program at the steps of the Metropolitan Detention Center, activists on the westside emphasized the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

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