Haiyan-inspired Metamorphosis documentary highlights the issue of climate change

By Krystle Alarcon

MONTREAL — These film directors visited 13 cities across the world, to create a documentary about the mounting crisis of climate change.

From forest fires to hurricanes, floods and droughts, they interviewed people around the world about how badly they’ve been affected.

Their work was inspired by Typhoon Haiyan, which ravaged the Philippines in 2013.

“We were talking about how an event like that could change a person and that led to conversations about how humanity is changing from this crisis that we created, this climate change crisis,” said “Metamorphosis” director Nova Ami.

The filmmakers chased ongoing environmental events at the time of filmmaking, so they did not go to the Philippines.

Still, they wanted to show how urgent the situation is. They let the images speak for themselves.

Typhoon Haiyan also had a huge impact on Anna Bautista.

She hopes more Pinoys become involved in fighting climate change.

“My husband’s family is from Tacloban — massive property damage, luckily, no family. We didn’t lose any family, but we are very vulnerable to the impacts of climate change so I think that we are on the frontlines on that effort.”

The filmmakers have already visited Canada’s east coast, screening Metamorphosis in local theatres.

They’re slated to wrap up their tour in Vancouver on June 28.

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