Inside the Mueller report on Russian involvement in 2016 U.S. presidential election

There has been no other body of investigative report so eagerly anticipated as this.

On Thursday morning, special counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page report was released online.

It detailed the Mueller team’s 23-month investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, including any potential links to President Trump’s campaign.

The report also concludes was that the Russians did interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, through social media campaigns and hacking and dumping operations.

Several Russian [hackers] have since been criminally charged and some investigations are ongoing.

The investigation also found that although there were numerous links between people tied to the Russian government and to Trump’s campaign; however, Mueller’s team did not find enough evidence to file criminal charges.

Mueller also noted that several people tied to the Trump’s campaign lied — and those lies “materially impaired the investigation of Russian election interference.”

Trump and his supporters said that this exonerate the president and his campaign team.

“Put another way, the special counsel found no collusion by any Americans in the ira’s illegal activity,” said Atty. General William Barr.

But political strategist Cheryl Quinio Blodgett said not so fast.

“However, the Roger Stone case still holds that door open to an American, especially one who is linked to the Trump campaign. That there is some question that there was somebody that was linked to the Russians feeding information to Wikileaks, hackers on the Russian side providing information to Wikileaks, in which Roger Stone has been implicated.”

According to the report, Mueller’s team referred 14 investigations to other us attorney’s offices.

Congressional Democrats, meanwhile, are still demanding for the release of a full unredacted report. They are questioning what Barr and his office decided to block out.

Former Pennsylvania state congressman Jeff Coleman said even if a full unredacted report was released, each side would still find ways to interpret Mueller’s report.

“Everybody had their talking points written the day before this report was released.  And that’s what makes it very difficult in a politically charged environment to have any sense that we all collectively interpreting this is a way that we should be looking at it. I just think we are being asked to have opinions about a lot of things that at some point we have to say the system works or it doesn’t, and today i want to trust that the system was working.”

Following AG Barr’s press conference and the release of the Mueller report this morning, congressional Democratic leaders are calling on Robert Mueller to publicly testify before Congress as a way to begin restoring public trust.

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  • Mario
    21 April 2019 at 8:37 am - Reply

    Mueller report was surrounded with 19 lawyers advisers/reseacher, all are Democrat and mostly HClinton lawyers. Result; they were not able to find any Russian Collusion. $30 Million spent, for 2 years, what a waste of time time and money. Democrat hope that HClinton will be the legal President, it is over….. The DEMS are divided, some want impeachment which is impossible, it needs 2/3 House votes to impeach Trump.Other Dems want to re-investigation on Trump. The Democrat knew they don’t have a candidate that could beat Trump.Democrat has no chance to win, specially for the existence of a Third Party.