Initiative encourages LA to get out the vote in 2017

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News
LOS ANGELES — As the 2016 year wraps and so will some of its government leaders, local municipalities in the nation’s second largest city are also gearing up for next year’s election process.
In Los Angeles, city officials have kicked off LA City Votes 2017, beginning with a primary on March 7th, and the general election on May 16th.
This year, the office of the mayor, several city council seats, and school district posts are on the ballot, as well as some local measures.
Local officials are encouraging voters to hit the ballot boxes with the help of community groups.
“This is the third municipal election cycle that the office of the city clerk has enlisted the support of non-partisan, voter advocacy community-based organizations to register, inform and mobilize Angelenos to take part in their local government,” said Holly Wolcott, LA City Clerk.
“The Asian Pacific community is consistently one of the lowest communities to come out to vote, especially in Los Angeles, where we make up a substantial amount of the population. I think it was 14 percent. So, we really need people to vote and partake in the political process,” said Joshua Alegado, from the Center for Asian Americans United for Self-Empowerment.
The city is making great efforts to reach out to eligible voters, especially ethnic groups — partnering with dozens of community groups, as well ethnic media outlets, to provide more materials such as ballots and other information in a dozen languages, including Tagalog.
“The election division will continue to mobilize voters through comprehensive voter outreach, public service announcements, news coverage – outreach materials and get-out-the-vote activities,” said Jinny Pak, election division chief.
The deadline to register to vote in the March primary election is February 21st. The city is also recruiting multilingual poll workers to take part in the election process.
If you registered and voted in last November’s presidential election and voter information has not changed, then you can be ready to vote in LA in 2017.


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