Filipina in Las Vegas sentenced to life after murder of her sister-in-law and baby

LAS VEGAS — The sentencing for Elinor Indico turned out to be an emotional showdown in the courtroom of the district court in Las Vegas.

Aristeo Indico is torn between the love for his sister, love for his wife and children, and love for his mom. The Indico family were all present at the sentencing for 35-year-old Elinor, the killer of her own sister-in-law Ashley and her unborn child.

Elinor stabbed 9 months pregnant Ashley, Aristeo’s wife, 14 times after an argument about Elinor moving out of their home. Ashley’s unborn child also died.

Elinor faces one count each of murder with use of a deadly weapon, manslaughter by killing an unborn child, and child abuse, neglect, or endangerment.

After 5 years of incarceration at the Clark County Detention Center, she will be transported within this week to the Nevada Department of Corrections.

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