INC welcomes visitors to newly purchased Connecticut town

MOODUS, CT — The Victorian ghost town that no one in Connecticut wants was full of life even for just one day.

Johnsonville Village has been a ghost town for decades until Philippine mega church Iglesia ni Cristo bought the historic 62-acre property for $1.8 million last July.

And for the first time since the purchase, the new owners opened the town to the public in a neighborhood appreciation day.

At least 1,500 INC members from Connecticut and nearby states came out to enjoy free food, refreshments, and entertainment, to play in these fun blow-up playgrounds for the INC kids, and to capture the amazing view of the Johnsonville Mill pond.

“This looked like the perfect property, like I said, we’re just following the administration, these blessings and ah, right now as we have our neighborhood appreciation day, we invited all of the people in the surrounding community,” said Jason Dulalas,
Minister of the gospel in INC.

Among them is Connecticut state representative for East Haddam, State Rep. Melissa Ziobron.
Local officials say they are relieved that the historic property will now be saved from rotting away.

“In America they love to see history preserved and I think that’s really the underlying thing,” said Ziobron. “I think there are certain buildings that are probably more sentimental than others, and that’s how I hope the community will have conversations and be involved and welcomed.”

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