INC Defenders ask Duterte to intervene in church’s latest conflict

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – A video recently surfaced that reportedly showed residents of #36 Tandang Sora Avenue in Quezon City, Philippines pleading for help.

In the disputed property, expelled members of the influential Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), including Lottie and Angel, siblings of INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo, are reportedly living in deplorable conditions.

Rolando Dizon, former INC pastor said, “When you cut off the supply of food and water and medicine, you only have several days to live especially given their condition. There’s no generator that produce electricity. You can only imagine how hot it is inside and so we’re very concerned. Time is of the essence.”

Rolando Dizon and Louie Cayabyab are among the so-called U.S.-based “defenders” – former INC pastors and members who are speaking up against alleged abuses within the INC leadership.

They asked that their location be not identified.

They are calling on the INC to leave the resident sof #36 Tandang Sora alone, which they said include children, the elderly and the sick.

The property is reportedly surrounded by masked guards who allegedly attacked the lawyer for Angel and Lottie, when she and her companions tried to help those inside the house recently.

“We are supposed to be the Church of Christ but we are not following our Lord Jesus Christ anymore,” said Cayabyab.

The INC had asked a Quezon City court to stop visitors from coming to the Tandang Sora property, citing security reasons.

Last month, a Manila court has ordered the Manalo siblings to leave the compound and give up the property to the INC.  They’ve sought refuge there since being expelled from the church last year.

Still, these defenders said these former members should not be harassed and denied of basic needs.

Dizon expressed, “Even if they are not members of the Church of Christ anymore because they were expelled by the leadership, they’re still human beings.”

They are not appealing to the new Philippine President Rodrigo Durterte to step in and do something — because they said lives are at stake.

“Our bretheren there are helpless and if something happens to them, that might also be not good for your image and for your administration. We appeal to your kindness to please intervene,” pleaded Cayabyab.

BA tried to reach out to the INC leadership in North America. They have yet to respond to this latest conflict.

Some of these defenders said they do see an end to this conflict within the INC.  Ultimately, they want to see healing and to feel that they truly belong to a church where they are safe and at peace.


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  • Kenikeni
    28 July 2016 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    INC is nothing but a cult!!!

  • An INC Defender
    3 August 2016 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    To the Public. Many of you especially in the Philippines knows the Iglesia Ni Cristo of 1914. Yes it was a very well respected christian church and a fast growing religion to international religion. Until 2009 when our beloved Executive Minister Brother Erano Manalo passed away. Now it is run by a sinister and evil Leadership of Sangunnians headed by a corrupt and unauthorized Leadership of Eduardo V. Manalo a.k.a. EVM. As you see present the church has changed for the worst. The EVM Administration became more and more controlling to its flock. They started using Church Offerings for their own personal lavish lifestyles. They started to be involved in business ventures and profit making corporations. Then the present corrupt leadership no longer care about the welfare of the members and instead do whatever it takes to convert the poor and desperate people to join the church so the numbers will grow, more members means more offerings, they usually avoid the people that are intellectuals or wealthy, due to the fact these people are less likely to be controlled. Then EVM no longer respects the name Iglesia Ni Cristo and forces all to carry the Mark of the Right Hand and to the Forehead. The right hand Thumbprint of EVM and now called the OneWithEVM Church. You cannot buy or sell or get any benefits within the church unless you have the EVM mark, or the Thumbmark of EVM. This new church called Iglesia Ni EVM has now apostatized the original Iglesia Ni Cristo by also oppressing the family of Ka Erano and trying to destroy his legacy by destroying the housing built by Ka Erano, only #36 Tandang Sora is whats left of what Ka Erano built and EVM and wife Babylynn (Jezebel) have been trying to destroy or eradicate the legacy of Ka Erano. This is the final war between good and evil in the INC, whoever wins, whether the Iglesia Ni Cristo Defenders versus the OneWithEVM Church will we wait to see? The millions of INC Members that follow EVM are truly blind still for Satan has great power over the weak minded and submissive INC Members, Satan is smart, instead of winning over a typical INC Member, Satan went after the Leadership knowing win the King of INC, EVM, you win the millions of Followers of INC, the millions of more souls. Satan is the master of deception and very intelligent himself. But our Lord God will not allow Satan to win, so he awakened certain few INC Members to speak up and in turn get expelled from the EVM Church and formed the INC Defenders, these defenders are the original Iglesia Ni Cristo Members who have their eyes opened by God and they refuse to bow down to EVM, They refuse to be OneWithEVM, they refuse to be OneWithSatan, these true INC Believers are OneWithGod and One with our Savior Jesus Christ. The evil inside INC is also controlled by an evil businessman named Jun Santos. There is also a Spokesperson who tell lies to the media, we all know him as Pinocchio or Edwil Zabala. You see there is corruption and evil lurking all over the new church called OneWithEVM Church that even our newly elected tough gung-ho President Duterte fears the EVM Church, he does not fear the Catholic Church and even mocks them, He does not fear his good Davao friend Pastor Quiboloy and actually avoids his complaints, but when it came to INC-EVM Church, he knelt down to EVM and allowed the EVM goons and SCAN Private Army to be above the Law, and continue to kidnap, intimidate, and possible kill their opponents that are against EVM. To the religious organizations in the Philippines who know how INC-EVM Members behave and unruly, you know what I am talking about. Do not fear EVM, but fear God himself, for EVM and his evil followers already have a place in the Lake of Fire for turning away from true Christianity.