In the heart of Silicon Valley, San Mateo County Fair unveils new STEAM department

SAN MATEO, CA — A staple of the summer season across the country: the county fair.

We’re about to head to the Super Shot Drop tower- the San Mateo county fair’s newest ride, where passengers are taken up a 90-foot tower and once at the top released at free fall placing a 2.9 g-force acceleration onto its passengers.

For a fair in San Mateo County– which is in the heart of Silicon Valley — it’s more than just fun and games.

“Not only do we still want to have agriculture as part of our fair, but we also want to involve the technological aspects and the steam environment that’s heavily built upon this county and how its been in grown to what is today,” said Justin Aquino.

This year, the San Mateo County Fair unveiled its first-ever STEAM department, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

It’s a reflection of where the county is in 2018, and an opportunity for its residents, 70,000 of whom are Filipino, to learn about an ever-growing industry.

“We definitely want to use the fair to demonstrate how much we have in the county whether it’s quilting which is huge to coding which is also huge and we do have livestock as well, but I don’t think a lot of people expect to see steam at the county fair, but they definitely will and were definitely trying to make it grow,” said Brennan Brockbank.

The department includes exhibits pertaining to sustainable living, all the way to drone flying, virtual reality, and even robotics.

The exhibits are designed for the youth to learn. That’s why every elementary school student in the county gets a free ticket to the fair.

“It’s here where we celebrate our activities and our goals and our dreams and our accomplishments throughout the past year, and our children and our youth are necessary to enhance that and to make sure that does occur in future generations to come.”

The fair runs through this Sunday, June 17.

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