In LA, concerns over likely Obamacare repeal continue

With another attempt of the Affordable Care Act repeal expected soon, activists have taken to the streets and phones urging lawmakers to keep Obamacare in tact.

Dozens rallied outside Los Angeles’s Hospital Row this week, saying the ACA has given health access to many low income residents, especially those with pre existing conditions.

As these rallies take place, healthcare was also a hot topic among Filipino republicans at this past weekend’s Summer of Conservatism event.

“I’m really pushing it to be repealed and to be replaced by Trumpcare,” said Necita Udarbe, a supporter. “The Obamacare are taking the money of the poor American people.”

“Obamacare was basically raising premiums for a lot of the middle class; I saw my healthcare costs as a young healthy person double and I don’t even use any of my medical insurance,” said Marc Ang. “It’s basically another tax and that’s unfair, and people are tired of it.”

The Congressional budget office is expected to review the new versions of the Obamacare repeal by Monday, and a Senate vote could also come next week.

On a state level, activists have also been pushing for SB-562, the Healthy California Act, which creates a single health care provider system in the state and would give access to all Californians.

The bill was shelved by the state assembly speaker several weeks ago, after lawmakers failed to find a funding solution for the measure.

But despite the grassroots fight, there has been no indication yet if the bill would be brought up again by legislators.



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