In CA, Fil-Am high school students showcase talent, demand for gun control

DALY CITY — Fil-Am performers take the stage at the annual island fiesta held at Westmoor High School in Daly City.

Whether it be through performing music or dance — these young Filipinos wanted to showcase their talent.


It was a week ago, on March 14th, that these same students showcased their demand for gun control.

Students at Westmoor High School joined thousands across the country during the National School Walkout, saying they do not want another student to have to go through a school shooting.


“It really disappoints me and frustrates me that one of things I have to focus on, or have to remember is to stay safe during school which is suppose a safe place anyway,” said Phoebe


“It really does scare me because maybe it’s not here it can happen somewhere else or where we go in the future and it just gives me fear and it’s not something I want to experience nor do I want to see anyone else experience,” said Kristie Woo.

These students say they are aware of the criticisms from adults like in these tweets about the walkout.


“If we don’t have a voice then who is going to be standing for the students because the students are the ones being directly impacted by the situation,” said Lorna Louie.

Meanwhile, these students also say they are realistic in knowing gun control might not happen right away — but they are more politically engaged to ensure it happens when they are the legal voting age.


“We didn’t get the opportunity to vote in this election and vote who would be representing us so we have to take the steps needed in order to get our voice out there. In addition, if I’m old enough to buy a gun, why am I not old enough to have an opinion?” said Cordelia

A massive action will be held this Saturday, March 24th, where thousands are expected to rally in Washington DC as part of the march for our lives protest for more gun control.

Similar events will also occur in cities across the country.


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  • Mario
    22 March 2018 at 1:44 am - Reply

    Rally for Gun Control, but sales of Guns and membership for NRA doubled.