LA immigration advocates and teachers push for equal rights on May Day

On May Day, immigrant advocates called for equal rights, as well as overseas and domestic workers’ rights, and celebrated recent victories involving wage theft for caregivers across Los Angeles County.

“This past year, we have been winning against wage theft here in California and in Los Angeles this year domestic workers found the courage to fight for their rights and stand up against an employer that was threatening them with deportation with blacklisting them and they won hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza from the Pilipino Workers Center.

The battle continues, as advocates push for California Governor Gavin Newsom to support the budget request to establish a domestic workers’ rights education and outreach program.

“Very important so we have enforcement of our rights, because we have the law but there is no enforcement. We need to educate the domestic workers and employers.”

Filipino domestic workers weren’t the only workers celebrating a victory — just 4 months ago, Los Angeles teachers went on strike.

Middle school teacher and Af3irm member Cherry Zarate was among the thousand of LA Unified school district teachers the went on strike last January.

“I want to assert that the teachers’ strike was a feminist strike… It just goes to show a strike is what’s needed to show what workers want, what workers need, that’s why we are here celebrating International Workers Day, because of being strike ready.”

Zarate says in the four months since the 8-day strike, the camaraderie between the teachers and students, have been in high spirits since the strike which addressed salaries, staffing and classroom conditions.


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