Immigration activists, protestors scuffle at US-Mexico border

SAN DIEGO, CA — A battle along the border. President Donald Trump supporters and counter-protestors scuffle during a “Build the Wall” rally at the US-Mexico border.

There were no reported injuries, and authorities immediately broke up the fight.

Before the altercation, Trump supporters gathered along the thin fence that separates the United States and Mexico to call for the building of a border wall, and a crackdown on sanctuary cities.

“That my number one goal, that’s Trump’s number one goal, we’re going to get the wall built. If we don’t do that we’ll be failures. We at least owe the American people that.”

The rally was organized in response to the recent Kate Steinle verdict, where undocumented immigrant Jose Inez Garcia Zarate was acquitted of Steinle’s murder.

Trump supporters and lawmakers say this is one of several cases in where sanctuary cities are shielding criminals.

SB-54 is a lawless law that protects criminal aliens at the expense of American citizens.

As this rally drew 150 Trump supporters, immigrant rights activists also made their stand this past week, lobbying Congress and going on hunger strike in support of a Dream act.

For these anti-illegal immigration activists, their chants have been materializing for the past month.

Several prototype walls are being built and tested not far from where this rally is.

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