Immigration a hot issue in 2nd GOP presidential debate


SIMI VALLEY, Calif. – Fifteen candidates in a five hour spirited ideological battle at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Every candidate trying to not only put themselves ahead of each other out also blame the country’s problems on the past Democratic administration and their potential opponent Hillary Clinton.

Ninio Fetalvo, RNC Asian Pacific American press secretary said, “We just had a very exciting debate tonight. The Filipino American community continues to be a top priority for the RNC.”

Coming into the debate, billionaire businessman Donald Trump was leading the polls with Dr. Ben Carson closing in.

Long time politicians such Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Mike Huckabee rounded out the top five but trailed significantly to the outside candidates.

By the end of the night, insiders believe former HP CEO Carly Fiorina had made a name for herself.  Bush and Christie also gave strong showings.

This gives Filipino Republicans like Fetalvo plenty to be excited about. “It’s been a very exciting night. We have a great batch of diverse and highly qualified candidates unlike the Democrats who haven’t even had their first debate and even some of the Democratic contenders are calling for more debate mainly because the DNC and high level Democrats really think they can just coronate Hillary Clinton,” he said.

While topics ranging from job creation to foreign affairs and issues of church and state were  hot topics during the debates, immigration took center stage.

Despite being hosted at the library of the last president to have a major amnesty program, every candidate distanced themselves from the ideas of amnesty, as they offered their solutions for dealing with the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

They also opened the idea of eliminating birthright citizenship, which allows undocumented immigrants to give birth to U.S. citizen children.

The first Democratic presidential debate is scheduled for next month in Las Vegas where front runners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are expected to participate.

As the results come in, the field of 15 candidates will likely shrink.  Those who survived this round will battle it out again next month in Colorado.

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  • noz
    17 September 2015 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    the ads of reagan’s 80′ amnesty are being used by the illegal aliens / their activist advocators to not only neutralize the GOP’s stance’ against illegal aliens, also to brainwash / confuse the general public, that amnesty of illegal aliens was the core of the GOP, as well as then as part of the american value to end illegal alien invasions, which we all know now do not work, instead it got worst, piling up the estimated 30-50M illegal aliens. reagan signed the bipartisan 80′ amnesty, with both parties assuring americans, the borders will be secured, building fences, and illegal aliens invasions was going to be history or no more, which we all know now did not work, never ever was followed through by the elected / reelected lawmakers, no politicians then, couldn’t care less, so after over three decades, america is bombarded by militant illegal aliens demanding they are as americans, like the rest of the citizens / legal aliens are making law abiding americans puke in their faces. politicians must learn the reagan’s 80′ amnesty do not work, and must never ever passed such flawed immigration laws again, no matter what pressures come with it for the sake of this nation. the claim of 11-12M illegal alien is way off, in order not to overwhelm americans of illegal aliens undying campaign of immigration reform, which is nothing but amnesty / their stupid claim of the broken immigration system, yeah its broken because the law is to deport illegal aliens, it sure is not broken, but well intact. its the prez that were / are broken with obozo as the worst for not doing the job, they all were elected / reelected, which is to deport illegal aliens. the proof is the accumulated out of control 30-50M illegal aliens ruining the nation economically / socially.

  • Mario
    18 September 2015 at 1:40 am - Reply

    A Pinay tourist who is 5 months pregnant,live with relatives, after 9 months, she will anchor/deliver the baby, free from US Taxpayers money. Then that baby will go to school, at taxpayers money, that baby does not want to work,just collect welfare money until she dies at 85 yrs old. Trump said, if elected President,anchor babies will be deported.

  • Joe
    18 September 2015 at 3:43 am - Reply

    TRUMP-did great,survived the debate was designed by the GOP establishment to embarrass and to bring him down.BUSH-talk about his Dad,Mom,Brother,and Mexican wife,voters are tired of 8 yrs of Clinton and Bush, voters don’t like Dynasty.CARLSON-Playing safe, good as Presidential adviser.CRUZ,good performance.RUBIO,sound like a child.HUCKABEE, good still preaching.CHRISTIE,rose up,will prosecute HClinton if elected. FLORINA,CNN voted her as winner,CNN knew that HClinton can easily beat her. Florina is not a player,loves to fight,lack of charisma, she never smile.WALKER-not his night.HILLARY CLINTON, still hiding from a debate, then criticized the GOP debate, but she refuse to debate anybody.