Activists rally against increased ICE activity, police cooperation in Los Angeles

Fears of immigration raids, deportations and border separations give Filipino Dreamers and DACA recipients, like Set Hernandez, plenty to think about.
“Para po valid tayo mag makaramdam mag matatako or ng pag alala. Lalo na sa mga immigrants na undocumented, pero po important na hindi tao nag iisa. Kappa nag sasali ko sa ganitong event na realize ako billing isang undocumented na kabataan na sang immigrant, na rearealize ko meron community.”
While the immigration climate is uncertain, Hernandez is certain that the undocumented community will keep fighting.
“Importante po merlon DACA ang mga undocumented na kabataan and mga undocumented immigrant nakiki sali sa mga advocacy efforts po dahil rahat naman tayo na affecktohan sa issue na eto kung tayo po natatahimik lang baka may ngyari sa atin parang hindi tayo lumalaban.”
Hernandez recently joined a group of activists outside of the Los Angeles federal building, many of whom have felt the immigration issues first hand.
They held a mock tribunal calling out incumbent sheriff Jim McDonnell.
McDonnell, who seeks reelection, has said that LA Sheriffs have only aided ICE in certain situations, trying to maintain a balance of keeping residents safe while respecting immigrant rights — but immigration real guts advocates say that’s not the case.
“We know ICE and the sheriff’s department are working together, both inside and outside of the jails and these are just the examples and some of the way its happening,” says  Shiu-Ming Cheer.
The post for LA sheriff will be decided in the November election.
In a region with one of the highest undocumented populations, the issue of local law enforcement cooperating with ICE will only continue to heat up as the midterm elections draw near.
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  • Mario
    25 September 2018 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    On 2008 Obama promised path to citizenship to 1 million Dreamers,by 2010, Dreamers Act passed, but 5 Dems voted NO,failed on the Senate control Democrat, after that, Obama never did the follow-up.Then on 2012, the smooth talking Prez, signed the executive action to create 800K DACA with protection from deportation, work permit every 2 yrs renewables.On 2016 election Trump campaign to terminate DACA being unconstitutional.On Feb 2017 Trump did an about face want to legalized DACA,by Sep 2017 Trump hosted a working dinner with top Democrats, 60 votes to passed DACA, but Trump tweeted NO DEAL, Dems want no border security.On Jan 9 2018 Trump ended DACA. On Jan 30,2018 Trump made a generous counter offer of 1.8M Dreamers, with path to citizenship w/in 10-12 yrs, failed again after 2nd attempt, need 60 votes.On Feb 23, 2018 Trump gave Congress until March 5 for DACA legislative fix,on 3-23-18 Trump tweeted DACA was abandoned by the DEMs, need 60 votes(3rd attempt).Mid-Term election is the only solution, need 9 new GOP Senator to passed 60 votes.

  • American
    26 September 2018 at 2:31 am - Reply

    President Trump will put an end to all the B.S about DACA! Obama started something that he shouldn’t have done and went out the back of the white house and said goodbye suckers!

  • American
    26 September 2018 at 2:34 am - Reply

    Obama is dumb he started something called the DACA and went out the back door of the white house and said goodbye suckers!