Immigrant rights activists push CA to pass Clean Dream Act

As the Senate shut down the latest immigration overhaul attempt that would create a pathway to citizenship for over a million Dreamers, while funding a border wall, immigrant rights activists in Los Angeles made their demand known.

“We have all been extremely clear from the beginning on what we want and what we deserve
for immigrant families and community and that was a Clean Dream Act,” said Melody Kinglenfuss from California Dream Network. “And it still remains a Clean Dream Act. We are here in solidarity to express our disappointment because the Clean Dream Act did not get a vote or is being taken seriously as a legislation. All we see are egregious amendments in every way.

Advocates believe that there are some compromises that would work.

“The McCain Koons bill is a reflection of that. It includes a pathway to citizenship that includes addressing the components of the Dream act. It has some smart way of approaching the border issues that have
been brought up, some type of funding but it’s not the $25 billion blank check,” said Polo Morales.

Time is running out for Dreamers, the Obama-era executive order of DACA is supposed to end on March 5 and be replaced with a more permanent legislation — however, federal judges have issued rulings that have since discarded that deadline.

Despite the deadline and the court rulings, both federal officials, as well as immigration advocates, say that DACA recipients should continue renewing their applications.

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  • Mario
    17 February 2018 at 3:18 pm - Reply

    The same immigration activist fighting for illegal alien under Obama regime, he created DACA, promised for path to citizenship, after 8 yrs, NOTHING happened, the Democrat lied.Trump offered 1.8 Million to DACA, Democrat countered and asked for 5-6 Million
    amnesty.Nothing happened. The Dems does not want to solve the immigration problem, as expected they just politicized it as what they did for 8 years. The only solution is MID-TERM election. The lower house(Congress) is GOP control, but the bill goes to the Upper house(Senators) for approval, it needs 60 votes(GOP-51,DEMS-49), the GOP need 9 votes to pass the immigration bill. If Trump party wins, there is a bright future for America, but if Dems wins, disaster for America, the Dems will continue to blocked all Trump projects and will not allow Trump to Make America Great Again.