Immigrant rights activists prepare for May Day protests

LOS ANGELES — It’s become an annual day of action in the immigrant rights movement: the May Day rally.

May 1st is just a few days away, and activists are getting a head start on their battle.


The countdown to May Day is on.

Worker and immigration rights advocates unveiled their plans for this year’s annual May 1 march and rallies in Los Angeles.

The annual International Workers Day protest draws tens of thousands to the streets of downtown LA.

This year, several groups will converge at Pershing Square before heading to the federal building.


“We have to be public in our courage, our courage to fight for a better life, in our courage to demand this country lives up to its ideals of equality and justice we need to be courageous and demand this administration ceases to exist and that we fight for new representatives, representatives that respect us and believe we have something to offer this country,” said Angelica Salas.


From deportations to the sanctuary city debates and the proposed border wall, immigration advocates say the stakes are higher than ever.

But it won’t just be immigration issues marchers will be raising, the gun control debate will also be a hot topic, as well gay rights.



Just as we’ve seen in other anti-Trump themed actions, counter-protestors in supporting the president are also expected to hit the streets on May 1.


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