Immigrant advocates rally and collect donations ahead of national protest weekend

LOS ANGELES — Activists gathered outside the Los Angeles City Hall to protest the separation of families at the US-Mexico border.

Filipino who didn’t want to appear on camera brought these witty signs, as more activists
also brought donations for the estimated 2500 detained children.

“It’s important we continue to show up for these kids that are detained for these families that are separated because it is who we are as a country. We’re supposed to be the country of freedom and yet we are ok with separating and detaining families. We cannot stop the pressure until these families are reunited,” said Emiliana Guareca.

Since last week, rallies and donation drives have taken place.

A nationwide march is scheduled for this Saturday.

Adding fuel to these grassroots actions is the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Muslim travel ban as Congress continues to fail on an immigration bill.

“This is the follow-through of the rhetoric that was displayed by the president. Referring to immigrants as animals as rapists criminals. Now putting them in cages and separating them from families. That’s what you do to an animal.”

As the LA city hall lawn filled up with clothes toys books and hygiene goods, First Lady Melania Trump made her second visit to detained children in Arizona.

Organizers explain that most of the centers have been very welcoming the donations. The centers themselves have been hit hard with the influx of detainees.

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