Immigrant activists will march through anti-sanctuary cities to welcome Central American refugees

LOS ALAMITOS, CA — A caravan of Central American refugees are expected to arrive at the US-Mexico border in a few days. Immigrant rights activists plan on marching through  Southern California’s anti-sanctuary towns to welcome these aspiring immigrants.


Immigrant rights activists are making their voices heard step by step, marching without borders.

Over the weekend, Filipinos gave a send off in downtown Los Angeles to a handful of protesters that will walk from the federal building to the US-Mexico border in San Diego at the end of this 8-day march.

They plan on welcoming a convoy of 1100 Guatemalan refugees seeking asylum in the US or Mexico.


“The reason we are marching is to welcome the Villa Cruces caravan coming from Central America to seek asylum here,” said Claudia Treminio. “If the Trump administration aims to meet the Via Cruces caravan with troops and guns, we will meet them with open arms to show the real character of this nation.


The 144-mile march will make stops at several Orange County cities that have adopted anti-sanctuary ordinances, including Los Alamitos.


“We are marching and we are standing on the side of refugees but Los Alamitos has made it very clear that they are not on our side, that they are on the side of anti-immigrants, and they are against all immigrant communities and all people of color so shame on them,” said Jenny


While Los Alamitos is considered ground zero for California’s sanctuary debate, it also plays a role in the deployment of troops to the border, the city is also home to a California national guard base.


Several border states including Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, and California have pledged to send troops to the border to deny entry to the refugees.


“We call on the national guard to stand down. Don’t go to the border, don’t enforce immigration laws, don’t go there to militarize the border or bring guns to the border,” said David Abud.

Under California’s deal with the Trump administration, Governor Jerry Brown says its national guard will accept federal funds and deploy members, but will not participate in immigration enforcement at the border.


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