Illinois officials join mounting calls for U.S. and PH governments to ensure safety of activist Brandon Lee

It’s been more than a month since Asian-American human rights activist Brandon Lee was shot in the Philippines.

As he is still recovering in a hospital, concerned groups and even U.S.-government elected officials are appealing for the U.S. and Philippine governments for Lee’s safety and return back to the States.

On August 6, Lee was gunned down outside his home in Ifugao province. Friends, family, and co-workers allege it was the doing of the Philippine military.

On Monday morning, U.S.-based human rights groups and Illinois elected officials went to the Philippine consulate in Chicago to personally deliver an open letter demanding for help for Lee.

They demand for his safety and the apprehension of his assailants.

Elected officials who serve large Filipino populations in Illinois are making sure the Philippine government is aware they are watching.

Even members of religious organizations showed support for Lee.

Unfortunately the group was not able to meet or hand-deliver the letter to Consul General Gina Jamoralin, but consulate officials assured the group the letter would reach the concerned parties.

Last month officials from San Francisco flew to the Philippines to personally check on lee and meet with his family. They say Lee has survived eight cardiac arrests and is still fighting for his life.

As of last week, officials say Lee’s condition is still labeled as critical and his family and friends hope he can be moved to a better hospital soon and eventually back to the U.S.

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