Illinois man faces life in prison for killing his wife and stepson

In Lake County, Illinois, a jury has rendered a guilty verdict against 50-year old Armando Trejo in a double murder case involving a Fil-Am woman and her teen son.

Trejo could face life in prison for beating to death his wife, 43-year-old Lailani Uy Trejo, and his 14-year old stepson, Patrick Cruz Uy, in their house on November 29, 2015. The weapon was an aluminum bat.

His defense attorneys argued that Trejo reacted violently because he saw his wife sexually abusing his stepson, and that this only constitutes a second-degree murder charge.

But the jury didn’t agree and handed down a first degree murder conviction.

Prosecutors said Trejo killed his wife because she wanted to leave him, and that he ended up killing his stepson, who tried to intervene during their fight.

Trejo’s sentencing is scheduled on May 20.

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