ICE officials warn against phone scam

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE is warning the public about a possible scam targeting non-US citizen immigrants.

Officials say fake ICE employees contact their victims and claim that there are issues with their immigration cases and that they should send money to fix their situation.

They say ICE Deportation and Reporting Line or DRIL operators do not make outbound calls and would never request money from individuals.

ICE is urging the public to report any suspicious activities by calling the joint intake center at (866) 347-2423.

The public may also contact the DRIL directly at (888) 351-4024.

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  • noz
    6 March 2015 at 11:34 pm - Reply

    is it just a hearsay or otherwise. nowadays ICE is equipped with high tech to easily track down scammers. so, whoever reported this should allow their phone examined to trace where / who’s calling, or its just tricks as well to buy time by deviating the attention of ICE job of deporting illegal aliens.

    exactly, who is being victimized here, saying “non US citizen immigrants” means legal permanent residents, that alone is playing tricks, in order to fool the reader of this article. to say illegal aliens are the true unlawful, certainly is an irony for the fact they are lawbreakers being scammed by their exact counterparts offenders of the law. this complain of the illegal aliens must be taken with lots grains of salt. criminals into extorting money will choose illegal aliens?, all are sucking on obobo, who is taking the tax dollars of the hardworking americans feeding / housing these penniless sucker illegal aliens, hello!, i don’t think so. next sidetrack stories, looks like its still in the invention department.