Hurricane Yutu relief efforts send first wave of supplies to Saipan

WILMINGTON, CA — It’s been 3 weeks since Typhoon Yutu struck the U.S. territory of Saipan, but the concern continues since Yutu hit many mainland communities have been forced out of their homes, without power or supplies.

When the typhoon hit, Filipinos from the mainland with Saipan roots were quick to mobilize and collect donations — from food, to clothing, emergency supplies and hygienic needs, as well as logistical needs.

“We have to do something, we’re not there but we were lucky enough we weren’t hit by the typhoon so we have to definitely share what we can, so that’s why I called my boss right away, I hope you don’t mind we’re going to use the warehouse for charity,” said relief organizer Victoria Quiatchon.

Some 9,000 Filipinos live in the U.S. territory. Many of them are under CW visas and cannot avail of federal disaster aid.

“Lot of the non-residents our guest workers need a lot of these donations because you’re right they can’t avail of some FEMA but there are other programs that would help them just have them reach out to the different non-profit organizations,” said David Atalig.

The Philippine consulate in Guam had also given some $50 cash allowances to the residents.

Typhoon Yutu might have been one of the more underreported events in recent weeks, but with the amount of supplies, you can see that there is an overflow of love and support for the people of Saipan. These boxes are expected to reach the islands by the end of this month.

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