Hurricane Michael hits Florida panhandle

FLORIDA — The worst hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle in recorded history has closed in on the state’s northwestern shore, and is ready to wreak havoc.

The monstrous storm, bringing catastrophic water surges and powerful winds, is considered deadly.

“This is the worst storm that the Florida panhandle has seen in more than 100 years. Again, this is the worst storm that a Florida panhandle has seen in a century. Hurricane Michael is upon us and now is the time to seek refuge,” said Gov. Rick Scott.

Hurricane Michael has made landfall in Panama City Beach with 155 miles per hour winds, gaining strength to almost category 5.

Governor Scott said the storm could bring up to a foot of rain, which could result to massive flooding.

He warned residents along the affected areas of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico that they had run out of time to evacuate and should hunker down.

“Now the storm is here. It is not safe to travel across the panhandle. If you are in a coastal area do not leave your house. The time to evacuate in coastal areas has come and gone. Listen to local officials.”

Prior to Michael’s landfall, mandatory evacuation orders were issued for some 120,000 people in Panama City Beach and across other low-lying parts of the Gulf Coast.

Filipinos who chose to stay put in their Florida panhandle homes are on full alert — making sure family members and loved ones are safe in their homes.

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