Hurricane Harvey has made natural disaster history in the US, with record rains, flood shelters and volunteers

 by Cheryl Piccio, ABS-CBN News
HOUSTON, TX — Weather stations have registered more than 52 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Harvey. The measurements are preliminary, but if confirmed, it will mean Harvey has broken the record for the greatest amount of rain recorded from a single tropical storm or hurricane in the United States.

Houston’s largest shelter, the George R. Brown Convention Center downtown, housed an estimated 11,000 of the displaced — twice its initial intended capacity.

The city opened a second major shelter late Tuesday at the NRG Center conference hall, with an additional capacity of 10,000. 

Thousands of people continue to stream into the in NRG Stadium for the much needed help. Filipinos are among those who have volunteered their time.

The housing area is restricted so the victims can have privacy and time with their families, as attending to their decisions about the future of their focus now.

Other Filipino volunteers went to the NRG Center, after a request for Tagalog translators was posted on social media.

“We just responded for requests for volunteers that can interpret Tagalog language, so we signed up for it,” said Aleli Nuguid, a volunteer. “We are just helping out distributing the relief goods, whatever they need, change of clothes, toiletries, whatever they need, we give them.”

According to the Red Cross, as of Tuesday night, there were 32,000 people in 230 shelters run by the Red Cross and affiliates across Texas.

But the need is still great for supplies.

Houston based Filipino actors and singers have also joined the ranks of the volunteers and have messages for their fans, families, and friends. 

“It’s OK because I have nothing better to do at home, and it’s better to just come here and help than being at home with nothing to do. A lot of volunteers lots and lots of volunteers the people you people here really need help to specially for toiletries extra-large clothes . That’s what is really needed here,” said Sheryn Regis.

Paul Enriquez and Jing Velasco volunteered at their local church, now turned shelter. And have been spreading words of encouragement.

“Gusto po naming na ipalam sa inyo at na we are safe, dry and we would like to Thank the Lord that they protected us from the storm… Filipinos are like bamboos winds. Rains and storms may hit us but we will just sway. We will just bend, we will just dance, but we will never break. “

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