Hundreds join Super Tuesday via watch party at LA museum

WESTWOOD, Calif. – California’s primary election isn’t until June, but in the meantime a spirited group of mostly millennials gathered around the Hammer Museum at UCLA.

Screens lit up wall-to-wall, bringing in the latest Super Tuesday results as life-size cardboard cutouts of the remaining presidential hopefuls stood by watching Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump win a number of primaries and caucuses.

Filipinos like political science graduate student JC Devera joined the campaign spirit.

“Super Tuesday is usually boring in California,” said Devera. “But it’s indicative of what is happening nationally so I think it’s kind of important to be informed and aware of where other states are going. To just be more aware of the entire political process.

While California has been a strong Democratic state, the Golden State is also influential in helping raise funds and mobilizing other states–a reason Devera says he takes interest throughout the entire election cycle.

“It’s a good way where we can see how we can position ourselves where we can lend support, whatever candidates we support,” he said. “We’ll know who needs the most support and we’ll be able to invite our people power in that way. We can do things that help in the political process, whether it’s phone banking folks in other states.”

With California’s primary still three months away, there is a possibility that both the Democratic and Republican races can be all but decided by June 1. However, that won’t stop the excitement as the election nears.

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