Human Rights Watch: PH drug war tramples on universal rights

NEW YORK – The Philippine National Police continues to defend its all-out campaign against drugs, saying more than 600,000 users and pushers have surrendered. But Human Rights Watch in New York is disturbed by the increasing number of killings, saying the blatant violation of human rights is now becoming a national emergency. Don Tagala reports.

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  • Mario
    24 August 2016 at 4:51 am - Reply

    Go Duterte, 600,000 drug pushers surrendered,including 5 Generals,1900 drug pushers killed.They are called as NINJA GENERALS meaning immortals and recycled(Re-sell) their confiscated Drugs.Those Generals are allegedly elite ally of the former President. Former DOJ Delima, now Senator also known as the protector of Drug manufacturing inside Bilibid Prison. DeLima’s driver is the collector of drug money and also a KABIT of Delima according from Duterte. Duterte promised to clean-up illegal drugs within 6 months and he is succeeding. But it slow down and more delay will come because the UN Human Rights formed a Senate prove investigation on Duterte’s Police officers. The Generals, policemen, Mayors, politicians, who surrendered are cleaning their own backyard, causing mass killing. Their own hitmen kills their OWN BOYS who are pushers, so that, there is no more evidence and witness when day court will come. One of the General will turn into a Government witness and will exposed his Boss receiving MILLION Pesos weekly on drug money.

  • h
    24 August 2016 at 9:06 am - Reply

    Good president, now who’s next the drugs dealers getting kill fast. I think the news people is next, if you say bad things about president Duterte you will be kill. Right on Duterte your the man of president. I love the way you do things, it’s my way or get kill, “LOVE IT.”