Human rights activists protest the war on drugs, fascism in the Philippines

VANCOUVER, WA — This was a symbol of the blood on the hands of US President Donald Trump and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

These are just some of the one hundred human rights leaders from dozens of US cities who gathered in Vancouver, Washington to form the US chapter of the International Coalition of Human Rights in the Philippines, or “I-CHRP.”

“At a time when the attacks on the Filipino people are heightened and intensified, ICHRP is here to advance and uphold the human rights, the collective rights of the Filipino people,” said Roselle Deleon.

The assembly was focused on a national campaign against what they call a fascist dictatorship in the Philippines, aided by Trump.

Democratic Senator, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, sent this letter welcoming the US chapter of I-CHRP launching in his state.

In the letter, Senator Markley says he joins his other  “Senate colleagues in demanding that president Duterte stop his campaign of murder and adopt a comprehensive approach to drug addiction.”

Meanwhile in the Bay Area, activists are claiming a victory after saying they prevented a meet-and-greet with PNP chief director general Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa in Hayward, California.

According to the meet and greet organizers, the event was canceled for security reasons.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    16 December 2017 at 12:17 am - Reply

    Damn if you do, damn if you don’t, hold that thought for awhile… The drug problem in the Philippines is widespread (probably understatement) because of decades long of incompetence. While politicians were so busy filling their pockets with pork barrel money, the drug problem became a way of life to many Filipinos. Now that the “new sheriffs is in town, he is wrong anyway for doing his job, and that is to preserve law and order, in particular, stop the drug problem. Here is a question that every Filipinos should ask themselves…While the drug problem was on its course to take on many communities throughout the Philippines, there were no human rights commission or group crying, bitching, moaning and whining about the widespread drug problem. So when president Duterte started directing the Philippine National Police to do their job (stop the drug problem), the human rights group began crying. This is flat out cultural Marxism, and this is why… Human rights group, just like any left wing (sometimes called far left) has this strategy of repeatedly attacking (critical theory) our communities cultural norms, in this case our societies law and order. Since the left wing (far left) groups are widespread and occupying various jobs like the media, politicians, teachers, students, etc., it makes it easy to spread their misguided ideology, hence conspiracy theory. Yes, you have people protesting this and that on the streets, you have the media’s bias coverage repeatedly perpetuated on television, and the same group of people going around repeatedly advocating their ideologies like a broken record. The effect to all of these is acceptance by Filipinos or Fil-Ams who chose to be easily misguided by fake information.

    According to Mr. Gilbert Acob (Long Beach Community Organizer), the community organizers who planned General Bato’s visit in the Bay Area could have picked an alternate location such as Stockton California and we could have gathered in Island Gourmet and enjoyed their world class Filipino cuisine.

    Regarding Jeff Merkley, he is a progressive left wing democrat who supported uncle Bernie Sanders, who lost during the last election. He is a good friend of Al Franken and only gained popularity for being an anti-Trump.

    Human rights protest are very rigid and one sided. They focus on bits and pieces of a given case (drug raid involving the death of a drug pusher) but forget about the rest of the case. Where as the Philippine National Police only provides minimum information because of the ongoing investigation. But none of these is explained well in the media’s circle…