Human rights activist Brandon Lee criticizes Duterte’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic

Appearing with his wife Bernice, and his daughter Jesse — journalist, environmentalist, and indigenous rights activist Brandon Lee spoke in a virtual press conference.

This is Lee’s first public appearance after arriving in his hometown of San Francisco last October to undergo further medical treatment after he was shot multiple times outside his home in the Philippines.

Lee is the first U.S. citizen believed to be the target of an extra-judicial assassination attempt by the regime of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, for speaking out against alleged corporate land grabbing in the Cordillera region.

Despite being paralyzed from the chest down, Lee continues to advocate for the Ifugao people.

Lee also denounced how President Duterte has handled the COVID-19 outbreak in the Philippines.

According to the Cordillera Peoples Alliance — the Philippine commission of human rights has yet to investigate the 54th infantry battalion, believed to be responsible for Lee’s shooting.

San Francisco elected officials have passed a resolution to call for an independent investigation into lee’s case — to bring to justice his perpetrators.

They also want for U.S. aid to the Philippine government and army be halted – for as long as human rights violations continue.

As Lee continues to recover from his injuries, he has also struggled to look for affordable housing that’s compliant with the standards for the disabled.

Lee has even tried the city’s below-market-rate lottery system.

“Brandon’s family has applied through that and placed number 5,702 in the lottery so we’re really asking everyone if you know of any leads on ADA housing in the city please contact my office,” said Sup. Gordan Mar. Dut

A GoFundMe has been set to help with Lee’s recovery expenses.

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