How this Pinoy-led startup aims to help your nonprofit raise more money

By Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN North America Buraeru

June 20, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – Fil-Am Archimedes de Leon is the director of Integral Living Society in San Francisco, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting deep healing by combining practices from around the world.

Recently he met with this Pinoy startup company so he could expand his network and raise money.

“I don’t need that much help at the beginning but I need something to reconnect our classes to our small community,” said de Leon.

These three entrepreneurs are helping de Leon and others like him through their company called Flipcause.

Fil-Ams Derrick Cagaanan and Emerson Valiao, along with Alison Dale, are its founders.

Similar to companies like Kickstarter or Eventbrite, they’ve developed software that allows people to raise money for various causes through event tickets, donations, and even on-line shopping.

But they pride themselves by reportedly being the first in the nonprofit fundraising industry to combine fundraising tools, donor management, and merchant sponsor management on a website.

And this is all done without taking a cut of the money you fundraise.

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In May of this year Flipcause won three first place pitch competitions in San Francisco and Mountain View, Calif. in front of hundreds of investors and startup enthusiasts.

“This is really important that we provide this technology because everyone has a connection to a cause,” said Flipcause CEO Emerson Valiao. “I think everyone could agree they know one or two non-profits they really care about and we want to make sure they have what they need to have long term success.”

They all met each other while fundraising for their own non-profits. After two years of developing Flipcause, they are now helping hundreds of people all over the world.

“It’s been really inspiring for all of us at Flipcause,” said President Allison Dale. “It’s a privilege to work with a lot of great non-profit organizations. We are working on causes around the world everything from disaster relief in the Philippines to medical missions in Kenya. We have another organization that’s building schools in rural India.”

Flipcause Director Derrick Cagaanan is happy to finally see all the hard work pay off.

“As a young Filipino American entrepreneur, I’m incredibly proud of the work that my team and I have done in the past two years,” said Cagaanan. “It’s really exciting to see the fruits of our labor starting to pay off with the success of the many customers we are helping raise more money on-line to help their causes.”

And now they want to help other young entrepreneurs who want to make their own mark in Silicon Valley.

“We definitely want to encourage the Fil-Am community and communities related to the Fil-Am community to reach out to us to get advice on how to start a tech company and pursue entrepreneurship as well as helping any organizations raise more money for causes that they believe in,” said Cagaanan.

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