How this Fil-Am nurse lives an eco-friendly, zero-waste lifestyle

LOS ANGELES — Jamie Kate Adoc likes to talk trash.


“I actually collected my non-recyclable and non-compostable trash, in a jar in my first month, I didn’t produce a lot.”

The nurse, photographer and blogger lives the zero-waste lifestyle.

“For me, zero waste is not sending any trash to the landfill, means reducing trash you cannot compost or cannot recycle because most of the time it ends up in the landfill.”

Working for an industry that produces tons of medical waste, she decided to more than make up for it.

“Healthcare is something I cannot compromise when it comes to plastic consumption, but I can do something about what I do in my everyday living, so living zero waste outside work can actually make an impact in my everyday living.”

From reusable produce bags, cups and food containers, to eco-friendly products, and more durable goods, Adoc says, when you’re saving on trash, you’re also saving a few dollars — as items last longer and some stores even give discounts for bringing your own bags or cups.

“I’m actually saving money because I switched from the disposable mindset to a reusable mindset, for example, this one I no longer purchase disposable razors, so I just use a very heavy duty, stainless steel razor. A lot of the items you buy disposable, if you could get reusable that would save so much money.”

She’s been hoping to inspire others with her vlog and channel, showing off products and sharing some do it yourself tips.

She’s also challenging others to live zero waste.

It’s not too difficult. Reporter Steve Angeles survived 5 days on a tumbler, and buying big packages will result in fewer trips to the store, and less trash in the bin.


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