How these Fil-Am DJs cope with losing gigs as clubs and venues remain shut down

SAN FRANCISCO — This is DJ Romeo Reyes’ passion — providing the best nightlife experience in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.

But when the coronavirus pandemic hit — the party was over.

“As a DJ, as an entertainer my whole livelihood has been off entertaining people live going from nightclub to nightclub doing live shows and that has completely stopped.”

Reyes’ music not only takes him to Vegas — but to various venues all over the country.

With clubs and entertainment venues mostly closed across the world to stop the spread of COVID-19, many bartenders, security guards, and DJ’s were left jobless.

Fellow DJ Eric Nagrampam better known as DJ E-Rock, keeps the party going through other ways.

From Monday through Friday, you can find DJ E-Rock on Los Angeles’ REAL 92.3 LA for the Cruz show, and on Saturdays he has a nationally syndicated “radio bassment,” which also features interviews with some of music’s biggest artists.

DJ E-Rock shared how the pandemic impacted him — especially that he used to travel to Las Vegas to DJ almost every weekend.

“I was scared. I went into panic mode the first hour of hearing we would be closed. We thought this was only going to last two or three weeks, a month at most.”

The DJ’s have been hosting virtual parties through the internet.

This past Sunday through Twitch and headliner Music Club — a 14-hour virtual party featuring some of Vegas biggest DJ’s — reached over a million people around the world with 16,000 people viewing at once.

“This was this virtual epiphany we had! Wow there really is a place for this where people can still converge and still connect and support each other on a mass scale. We felt that energy.”

As we await the safe re-opening of nightclubs, DJ’s E-Rock and Romeo Reyes invite you to Twitch so you can enjoy their live-streams of their sets or watch previous recordings for free:



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