How Fil-Ams can use census data to help their community

SAN FRANCISCO – Filipinos continue to be a strong presence among ethnic communities in San Francisco.

According to just-released US Census data there are 34,347 Filipinos in San Francisco or 4.51 percent of the city’s total population.

Data specialist Lia Bolden says this information can help the Filipino American community in San Francisco.

Despite recent evictions and fears of a so-called exodus of Filipinos from San Francisco Bolden says the city’s Pinoy population remains the same.

“In 2010 we were looking at about 35,000 so it looks like the numbers are looking pretty stable as we look at 2013,” said Bolden.

Bolden says that the data from the US Census and the yearly American Community Survey helps determine rates for affordable housing and other services.

“We look at how over $400 billion is allocated to state and local governments for critical services like housing, transportation and public service,” said Bolden. “It is important to participate so we have a full count of every population in particularly the Filipino population.”

Census information also helps identify areas where residents might need services that matter to many Filipinos such as screening for hypertension or diabetes.

“Filipinos are known not to ask for help because we tend to be self sufficient but we need to understand the data because this provides us a basis of why we are asking for support,” said Marily Mondejar who presented the event on behalf of the Filipina Women’s Network.

To access this free information people can visit

Bolden encourages Filipinos across the country to check out the data gathered online to be better informed about their communities.

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