How a Pinay built the largest company helping families displaced from natural disasters

ST. CHARLES, IL — 52-year-old Rowena Zimmers has in her office a nipa hut, a replica she says of her home in Pangasinan.

“We didn’t have any indoor plumbing or electricity,” said Zimmers, founder and president of ALE Solutions. “When we need water, we would have to pump the water and bring it back.”

When Rowena was six, she moved to America with her family. She had a tough time fitting in.

Despite this, Rowena says she knew that she was different and made it her mission to stand out with her successes.

She went on to build her company from the basement of her home.

17 years later, ALE Solutions has grown to be the largest temporary housing company in the US, helping families displaced from their homes due to fires, tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Just last year, the company bought and built its own corporate office — a 40,000 square foot building, located a couple of miles away from Rowena’s one-acre home.

Among Ale Solutions’ latest projects — helping several people in Alabama and Florida, who were displaced by 5 tornadoes that touched in the Gulf Coast last Sunday.

“Don’t just sit back for things to come to you, be willing to work hard, be extraordinary, stand out, do things that are outside the box. Celebrate your failures and successes. Failures are actually opportunities for you to grow. To get to where I’m at today, I had to go through failures.”

But the true secret Rowena reveals her humble beginnings.

“I came from nothing. To have a heart for those people, you’ve got to know what that feels like when you’ve lost everything.”

With around 400 employees, Rowena and her company continue to give back to the community thru charity works that not only help the less fortunate in America but in the Philippines as well.


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