How a Filipino doctor is fighting the opioid crisis with new, robotic surgery

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Dr. Ian Soriano was only 8-years-old when he decided to become a surgeon.

Today, this Filipino doctor has pioneered an opioid-free post robotic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

“Now, patients are not at risk at all for becoming opioid dependent, I think with the opioid crisis that really is the significance of what we’re doing here.”

This University of the Philippines intra-med graduate, together with plastic surgeon Dr. Suhail Kanchwala, made history by performing the world’s first robotic bilateral breast reconstruction surgery at U-Penn.

Instead of breast implants, Soriano’s team uses tissues from the patient’s own belly to replace lost tissues or rebuild their breasts.

As a UP alum and a consultant to the Philippine general hospital, Soriano is now involved in bringing this robotic surgery to the Philippines, possibly as early as January 2019.

From UP to U-Penn, this Filipino is making the world a better place.

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