House Speaker Paul Ryan applauds Filipina nurse for defending pro-life in her workplace

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, gave high praise to a Filipina nurse for her pro-life advocacies.

“Cathy Decarlo stood strong. She didn’t give in and she fought for the religious rights that this country guarantees her.”

Ryan spoke earlier this month at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual conference, referencing
Pinay nurse Cathy Cenzon Decarlo.

In 2009, Decarlo helped to end the forced abortion-participation policy of her then workplace, Mount Sinai in New York. Decarlo says she was forced to assist in the abortion despite her religious views, for fear of losing her job.

Decarlo was also Ryan’s guest at for President Trump’s first State of the Union in January of this year.

“We need to keep highlighting their courage, we need to keep standing up for our constitutional right to religious freedom and conscience,” he continued.

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