House managers warn America’s international will suffer if Trump gets acquitted

In Washington DC on day three of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial — Democrats are pressing forward with their arguments to remove him from office.

But Republicans continue to push back.

The seven House Democratic managers serving as prosecutors in the impeachment trial of Trump were on the second day of presenting opening arguments that the Republican president should be convicted of two articles of impeachment passed by the house last month — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Democrats — led by representative Adam Schiff and other House managers — are accusing President Trump of pressing Ukraine to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden last year and impeding a congressional inquiry into the matter.

But their efforts to persuade the Republican-led Senate to let them call new witnesses have been blocked.

And so, they’re taking time to lay out the extensive narrative, complete with video clips, based on the testimony presented during the Democratic-dominated House of Representatives.

While there may be debates about this being a fair trial, Prof. Fernando Laguarda, faculty director of program on law and government at American University, reminded the public, that this is not a regular trial but a political one.

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