House Judiciary Committee issues subpoena to DOJ for unredacted Mueller report

After special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential elections was released, a new poll shows that President Trump’s approval rating has dropped from 40 to 37 percent.

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  • Mario
    25 April 2019 at 5:49 am - Reply

    People are tired of Russian Collusion, Mueller report concluded they could not find evidence of Russian collusion. Now Democrat want a copy of the MUELLER UNredacted report, which means another delaying tactics, trying to find possible mistake by Mueller, then later possible mistake for DOJ. Obstruction of Justice, which is NOT a crime. Impeachment and Investigation is a POLITICAL GIFT on TRUMP come 2020. Another diversion tactics by the Democrat, for Trump not to talk about, Green NEW Deal and Medicare for all. Trump is secretly preparing his 2 counter punches.Before the election, which wiretapping violation and after the election which is an Attempt to overthrow a duly elected Prez. OBAMA people from CIA,FBI,NSA,STATE DEpt etc will be sub-poenas to testify and defend themselves.. Trump is talking to MEDIA, NYT,and all News outlets,CEOs from Tech Co, who tried to manipulate the election Ads, Trump is giving them chance, by waiting for apology. Charges will be spreading FAKE NEWS in an an attempt to overthrow a Prez, which is Treason.