House holds historic day of debate, ending in Donald Trump’s impeachment

It was a historic day in the U.S., as Americans waited for the outcome of the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives began debating on Wednesday afternoon on the two articles of impeachment against the chief executive.

They were to vote on whether Trump must be impeached for allegedly abusing his power by pressuring Ukraine to investigate his potential 2020 re-election rival — former vice president Joe Biden — and for supposedly obstructing Congress throughout the inquiry.

The House voted against Trump late Wednesday evening.

The impeachment saga now moves to the Republican-led Senate — where he is unlikely to be convicted.

But it will put a major blemish on his record, being only the third U.S. president in history to be impeached by the lower chamber.

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  • Mario
    19 December 2019 at 6:07 am - Reply

    The Lower House(H of Representative) has a total number of 435 seats. Dems has 235 and GOP has 198. To pass the Article of Impeachment, it needs 217 Democrat votes, Dems has the votes, and it is expected that TRUMP will be impeached. There are 100 members of the UPPER House SENATE,(GOP=54, Dems=47). To remove TRUMP it needs 2/3 or 67 votes, the DEMS has 47, they need 20 additional GOP votes, which is IMPOSSIBLE to happen because GOP has solid vote of 54, no defection. TRUMP will not be removed from office, and DEMS already handed TRUMP re-election victory for 2020. Because of Impeachment his Poll rating went up. TRUMP will be ACQUITED, but it is a never-ending Impeachment, next year the DEMS will pass a House BILL to disqualify TRUMP from running. This is the only way for the Democrat to beat and win election.